From the Archives: The Fayum Portraits by Euphrosyne Doxiades (2003)

13, June 2008 § Leave a comment

The Aegean Center is proud to have renowned art historian, Euphrosyne Doxiades, with us at the Center. Euphrosyne’s insights and lectures into these ancient Egyptian portraits is a high point of each semester.

A link between ancient Egyptian art and Byzantine Greek icons, the Fayum portraits present a haunting glimpse into the lives of their subjects. The stylized portraits are startlingly lifelike and strikingly modern in appearance. Ms. Doxiades is the author of “The Mysterious Fayum Portraits” (Thames & Hudson:ISBN 0500 28217X), widely considered to be the seminal work on the portraits’ history and technique.

Beside art history she works with our painting students on the techniques employed in the portraits, including the tetrachromic color palette and encaustic wax base.

Euphrosyne also has a website analyzing the supposed Rubens’ painting of Samson and Delilah: After Rubens.

Euphosyne and Aegean Center painting professor Jane Pack were interviewed in a Salon article regarding Euphosyne’s After Rubens site.

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