Brush story

24, January 2014 § 2 Comments


Every painter has their favorites. Here are Jane Morris Pack’s:

1. This soft flat is my favorite glazing brush. I often cover a large area with a transparent color and it can apply the tone without brush strokes if you flip it quickly back and forth.

2. My favorite Nepalese brush had a weak ferrule. It was given to me by a fellow travelling artist and bought in Katmandu.

3. A great scrubbing brush almost down to the end. Who doesn’t have pieces of hair trapped in the paint? See the eyes in Durer’s self portrait.

4. A luscious softy. I couldn’t resist it. I’m saving it for some future project.

5. I always clean the brush but not always the handle. Hog bristles don’t like water so better to clean them with just solvent.

6. Square flat brushes have only been around since the Industrial Age. They are great for getting those corners and creating angular forms. Most paintings could use a few more sharp corners.

Do you have brushes that you love? Share them with us on Twitter, @aegeancenter, #brushstory.

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