From a Painter’s Perspective

30, May 2011 § 1 Comment

Some important things I have learned since being at the Aegean Center, in no particular order.

by Jacklyn Massari

  1.  Jun-Pierre is capable of making up songs about anything.
  2. Don’t ever underestimate the Aegean Center staff even for a SECOND. You will feel stupid for doing so.
  3. Talk to Jeffrey. He’s a bundle of wise information and advice of the best kind.
  4. Jane Pack uses teaching techniques that will BLOW.YOUR.MIND.
  5. Go on the “John Pack Friday Hikes” no matter how tired or sick you may feel. They are rejuvenating.
  6. Don’t ever think you are too advanced to take a basic drawing class. Because you’re not.
  7. If you don’t go to Delos, you are a fool.
  8. If you don’t sit in on one of Liz’s Photo History classes, you are also a fool.
  9. If you don’t go to John Pack’s color lecture, you are definitely a fool.
  10. Don’t ever draw from photographs unless you are using them as a reference.
  11. Walk slow on the marble when it’s wet, especially if you are wearing flip flops.
  12. Be openminded. You will discover so much about yourself.
  13. Ask Jun-Pierre to critique your paintings as much as possible. He has extremely valuable things to say, so be sure to milk him for all he’s worth.
  14. Always do your work study chores. OR ELSE.
  15. The Aegean Center is the only place where you can find one professor successfully illustrating the Illiad, and another figuring out a way to make The Matrix into a musical.
  16. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions. About anything.

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