Student Post: Hannah Merrill on Printmaking

4, December 2010 § 1 Comment

The thing I love about Printmaking is that there are so many changes you can make to the plate. Even though the idea of the printing press was to create duplicates, each time it’s printed it comes out a little differently.

Here at the Aegean Center we have learned how to add an aquatint, how to scratch out, and how to use a soft ground. Every day the work of the class is constantly changing and evolving. With each layer our plates transform into beautiful works of art. We also learned how to wipe out mistakes and elements that are competing with the composition. In the beginning of the semester I thought of Printmaking as an art form that was restricting, but after learning all the changes that can be made to the plate it has opened new doors. I also have been working on a collagraph plate. This is a method used with found materials collaged and painted over. This kind of plate is not as easy to change as a zinc plate. Nevertheless I have managed to achieve very different prints just by varying the methods in which I ink the plate. For the first print, I used a little bit of liquin in the ink, an amazing trick I learned from Jane, the Queen of printmaking. This loosens the ink and makes it easer to spread it into the recessions. The next print was inked in relief. Just rolling the ink over the whole plate. It came out very dark, which gives the image a different emotion. Then I printed one with both methods combined. I inked the plate, then rolled on dark ink over just the birds, trying to achieve a stamped on effect. When that did not give me the effect I was looking for. I took a print out of the studio and painted the bird forms onto the print itself. All prints have a different feeling and style. I am still not sure what I like the best or what way is most effective. I am enjoying the Printmaking class and am excited about the changes that I will continue to discover. -Hannah Merrill

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  • Hannah,
    While college in the late 1980’s I looked into attending The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across the website for the school a couple months ago. I’ve really enjoyed reading the various blog entries but this one really struck a chord for me. I have been facinated with the swallows depicted in the Akrotiri frescos since my first visit to Santorini when I was a teenager. Something about them just spoke to me. I love how you have captured them. Would love to know if what you’ve created is available for purchase.

    Thanks so much and enjoy the experience you are having on Paros.

    Christa Hobart

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