Student Post: Sarah Ransohoff

30, March 2010 § Leave a comment

On Friday, John led a group of students on a four hour journey from Lefkes to Aliki (towns on the island of Paros). Believe me when I say that this was truly stunning, and possibly my favorite hike with John ever.

Imagine walking on a sunny day over the flower-rich mountains of Paros, with occasional powerful yet refreshing gusts of cool wind, and no villages in sight. It was so awesome that I often found myself imagining what a bird’s-eye view of us would look like, trekking through donkey paths and stopping to drink water from a spring  (I often came up with an image somewhat like “The Sound of Music”). Some images that have stuck with me  are of wind whipping through fields of tall grass, fellow students far ahead of me winding up a steep and flower speckled mountain side, and drinking from a spring that John showed us. Needless to say after the four hours of hiking, most of us went to bed early.

Below is a poem that Charlie, another student here, has written about the hike.

Soles wore thin,
On the undulating trail,
Of where my feet led me,
Among the pristine pebbles I met metal.
My face neared earth,
My hands grasped nettle,
And I wondered who was right,
Nature or civilization?

Until next time, and wishing everyone a great day,
Sarah Ransohoff

Sarah Ransohoff is a painting student here at the Aegean Center. This is her second semester.

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