Student Post: Evie Elman

23, November 2009 § 1 Comment

Hello! My name is Evie Elman and I have recently fallen in love with Printmaking.  I am one amongst six in our intimate class, and Jane Pack is our very experienced teacher. Because we are all taking intensive courses such as oil painting, figure drawing, basic drawing, Greek Literature, creative writing, and more for others (but that is my schedule) – printmaking falls but once a week and it is 3 hours long.

We start each class learning about the history of printmaking and looking at classic prints by renowned artists. This gets our creative juices bubbling, and helps us begin our hands-on work period where we etch and print with an empowering old printing press. We crank the wheel, we roll the ink, we dip things in acid,  we roll hard ground on top of a hot plate over an open fire – though not in that order! We are pretty cool. We have also learned how to make mono types –  a refreshing approach, with a similar effect, all involving the press and ink.

Printmaking is a fascinating old process, one that requires a sense of release. You must be free and prepared for the unexpected surprise that may show up on your print, though accidents 95% of the time add something delightful. This freedom of not having total control is exciting, and keeps me eager to produce. It feels like you are no longer working alone, but with the printing Gods, and together something beautiful will form. Cheers!

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