Student Post: Amber Thompson

17, November 2008 § Leave a comment


My name is Amber Thompson and this semester I am a returning student at the Aegean Center for Fine Arts. I attended the spring semester of this year and I decided to also attend in the fall because the program has a lot to offer and I felt I couldn’t do just one semester.

Last spring, I was enrolled in the photography program. I took digital photography as well as dark room photography. I had plenty of one on one with my teachers, who are really great and patient, and I learned a lot. But I decided my time at the Aegean Center was not over, so I enrolled for another semester. Now I am in Paros, Greece working away on my photographs yet again.

I am actually taking more than just photography this time. I am taking Painting and Life Drawing as well. I have never taken any painting or drawing classes before and the teachers are really patient with me. I have two paintings done and a self portrait. I am learning a lot and am loving it! My photography is also going well. I love walking around the town of Parikia and finding ideas for my paintings or taking pictures that I can later work on. I feel as though I was meant to be here at the Aegean Center to improve not only my art work but myself as well.

Currently in painting class we have to complete a painting with the prismatic palette. This is only four colors, to my surprise – blue, yellow, red and white. The color wheel of this palette is endless! Till now, we have been working with the earth palette which is a little more warm in tone than the prismatic.


First I had to decide what to paint. I walked around my studio in circles trying to come up with a still life. In fact I had to leave my studio to get inspiration. Some other students were drawing the skeleton that we have in the main room and I thought, What would I really want to take home with me to remind me of my time here? Then it came to me. Yes! I have been sketching the skeleton, so why not have a painting of a skeleton being sketched? So after the other students were done with the skull I snatched it up and set up my still life. First I sketched what I saw on my canvas with some charcoal and then patted it out lightly. I analyzed every aspect of the drawing and then decided to go for it. I decided to use a blue glaze on my shadows to get them dark.


This is as far as I have gotten and I am excited to use the prismatic further. A little nervous as well but that is what painting is all about for me; playing with my paints and learning from my mistakes. Can’t wait to see where it takes me!

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