From the Archives: The Lefkes Sanctum (2005)

4, June 2008 § Leave a comment

It was 1988 when I had my first meeting with the town council of Lefkes. I was seeking their approval to establish an outpost facility of the Center in their beautiful mountain village. Time and events, being the friend and enemy they always seem to be, delayed this special dream from becoming a reality until October 2005.

Dreams come true not through fairytale realities, but through focused hard work, conviction and usually a good measure of well earned serendipity. Dreams are also often realized with the help of others who believe in what you are doing — the John Van Burens, the Rosamond Olivettis, our faithful alumni and their families. In the case of Lefkes, it was through the kindness of Monique Mailloux and Stelios Ghikas who founded the beautiful Studio Yria in Lefkes and Kostos.

This beautiful space, outside of the daily path from home to studio, in a different village on the island, allows students to find a quiet place dedicated to thought and conversation.

Within the space our intent will be: to contemplate Art and Place, finding personal meaning in its message, to increase our ability to observe, to still the obsessive contemporary art ego and pinpoint our focus, to clarify our attention and quiet the anxious world outside. Over the years Lefkes has always provided this ‘quiet space’ for me personally.

Standing still before beauty we seek self awareness and access to our humanity.

John Pack

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