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Tonight is the big night!

Holly Lynton

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An alumna of the Aegean Center, Holly Lynton, recently shared her photographs in our Photo History class. Gathered at a round table, Holly passed out work prints made over a span of ten years. She began with platinum prints influenced by her time as an undergraduate student at Yale University and moved onto her recent C prints made as a photographer exhibiting in New York and Berlin. Our discussion spilled into our Digital Photography class and into more general subjects as well. We were talking with not only a photographer but also a person juggling the multifarious aspects of life. Aside from navigating the art world, Holly is a wife and mother, concerned with such things as raising her children in a age of standardized testing and cyber bullying.

Not surprisingly, her work, including a detour into video, can be found at


The Aegean Center Staff (circa 1980)

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The picture above was taken by a student in 1980, of Nick Loucas (painting teacher), Gail Wetzel (Brett Taylor’s wife), Gretchen Kiener (student), Elizabeth Carson (photography teacher), Jeffrey Carson (creative writing teacher), and Brett Taylor (director).

Marion Patterson

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During Easter break, a few students had the unexpected pleasure of sharing a day with the visiting American west coast photographer Marion Patterson. Early one Thursday morning we boarded a boat that would carry us from Paros to the islands of Delos and Mykonos. It was not until we all sat down at a taverna in Mykonos to honor Marion’s 75th birthday that it came to light how she was in the center of a terrifically exciting moment in the history of photography. Marion recalled to us that she had been a student of philosophy and commercial art in California before visiting the photographic studio of an aging Edward Weston. From that moment on she knew she wanted to pursue a life in photography. During her formative years, she studied under Minor White, Dorthea Lange and Ansel Adams, all the while cultivating her own spiritual and artistic vision.

A week or so later, Marion presented her book, Grains of Sand, in Liz Carson’s Silver Print class. The works we saw were the expressions of a mature and committed photographer, spanning fifty years of rendering light onto negatives. Like many of her contemporaries, Marion chooses to seek inspiration in nature. Her technique, who she credits Adams for, is masterful. The result is a direct and unencumbered line of communication between the viewer and her images, her descriptions of our natural world, hinting toward unknowns.

Marion and her photographs are, indeed, gifts to all who have the good fortune of making their acquaintance.


Marion presenting her book of photographs, Grains of Sand

End of Semester Programme – Spring Session 2008

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Originally published in the No. 114 issue of Paros Life

2008 marks 42 years on the island of Paros and 19 years in the Tuscan town of Pistoia, Italy for the Aegean Center. Founded in Paros in 1966 as an independent, not-for-profit institution, the Aegean Center offers small group and individualized study in the visual arts, creative writing and music.

Students present their work twice a year at the end of each semester in a rich programme of art, photography, poetry and music .

Saturday, 24 May at 8pm
Apothiki Art Center, Paroikia
The Aegean Center presents a recital under the direction of Orfeas John Munsey of songs by Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Finzi and Bernstein with Niki Chasapi (soprano), Apollonia Ikonomou (soprano), Joshua Warren (baritone) and Konstantina Andreakou (piano).

Wednesday, 28 May at 7:30pm
The Aegean Center, Paroikia
Reading of student poetry and prose from the creative writing class of Jeffrey Carson.

Thursday, 29 May at 8.30pm
Aghios Giorgos Catholic Church, Naoussa
The Vocal Ensemble of the Aegean Center under the direction of Orfeas John Munsey presents a concert of Medieval and twentieth century a cappella music.

Friday, 30 May from 7:30pm
The Aegean Center
Exhibition of student paintings, drawings
and photography.

Saturday, 31 May at 8:30pm
Aghios Antonios Catholic Church, Paroikia
Repeat of the Ensemble performance of 29th May.

Sunday, 1 Jun at 8:30pm
Aghios Antonios Catholic Church, Paroikia
Repeat of the Ensemble performance of 29th May.

The Vocal Ensemble will also perform a short programme at “Paros Sings”, the 1st Festival of Parian Choirs to be held at the Archilochos Hall in Paroikia on Sunday, 18 May at 8.30pm. See p4.

For additional information contact Director John Pack at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts. Tel: 22840-23287 or see

A Busy Session at the Center

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David Romtvedt playing the button accordian for Phil Able, John, Margot Brown, and John Van Buren

It is always busy at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, but the Spring 2008 session at the Center has been particularly animated. There have been visiting artists, guests, alumni, readings, performances and presentations. Here is a short post to recap some of the events of the session so far and some of the activities to come.

Starting in mid-March, 2005-2006 alumni Maria-Elena and Gabriel’s former tutor Brett arrived. Maria-Elena gave a stirring solo performance for an assembled audience of faculty, students and friends of the center.

Also in March, visiting professors Peter Abbs and Lisa Dart made their regular visit to the “Academy” (as Peter likes to call the Aegean Center) and gave a joint poetry reading featuring recent and older works. Peter also read poems to be featured in John and Peter’s upcoming exhibition The Greater Journey in Canterbury this September.

April saw the arrival of artist-in residence Betsy Bonner. Betsy and poet Alicia Stallings would later give an enjoyable reading of their respective works, which could be see in video on this page.

Greek Easter came late (April 27) and with it the arrival of many guests. Close Aegean Center friend John Van Buren was the first to arrive bringing with him some welcome warm, spring weather. John enjoyed works in progress in the studios, sat in on vocal performances from the ensemble, and ate his fair share of delicious tzatziki. John also brought two old friends to the Center, Wyoming Poet Laureate and musician David Romtvedt and ceramist and gallery director Margot Brown, David’s wife. David gave two performances, one a selection of poems and the other a musical performance. Playing his button accordion and accompanied by Margot on percussion, David gave an interesting and rousing performance of various folks music of the Americas. Margot gave a presentation of her artwork, as well as pieces from artists represented at her gallery.

During the same week visiting photographer Marion Patterson, a student and colleague of Ansel Adams, gave an enthralling presentation of her life as a photographer, and displayed the work featured in her book Grains of Sand. After the presentation Marian graciously went out with photo students to and together they shot photographs of the Paros landscape.

Other visitors were 2001-2002 alumni Anne-Meade and spring 2002 alumni Arial. Next week will see a presentation by philosopher Warwick Fox. Later in May the Center will feature  poets Christopher Merrill, director of the Iowa University’s International Writers’ Program, and Adrianne Kalfpoulou. Aegean Center alum and exhibiting photographer Holly Lynton will come to show her work as well.

Meanwhile, the students are all hard at work as the session is beginning to wind down. Next up, the vocal perfomances (ensemble and solo), followed by the Student Reading, to be followed by the Student Exhibition, concluding this wonderfully busy and animated spring session.

-by Jun-Pierre Shiozawa

Poetry Reading by Betsy Bonner and Alicia Stallings

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On April 29, The Aegean Center hosted a poetry reading featuring visiting artists Betsy Bonner and Alicia Stallings.

The Aegean Center News

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